Big News (In My World)

imagesI’m really excited to announce that I’ve signed on to help produce Queer Comedy at Zanies!

Adam Guerino (the founder of the series) and I share very similar sensibilities about comedy– we want to create inclusive spaces for a broad spectrum of performers where queerness is not a punchline. He’s done amazing things with the show in the past 2+ years and I can’t wait to join his team. (I’ll also be doing more interviews with the comics on different publications which is something I really love doing).

The first show I’m helping to officially produce is this January’s showcase, headlined by Maggie Faris, the winner of Stand Out: The National Queer Comedy Search. It features Megan Gailey, Joe Fernandez and Marla Depew. I’m super excited about the show– Maggie isn’t super well-known, but she should be, because she’s super likeable and funny. Megan, Joe and Marla are all rock-solid Chicago comics and will bring a great mix of styles with them.

I will see you all there. Stay tuned– Adam and I have great things planned for 2014!

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